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Cine Projector Film To DIGITAL FILE TRANSFER SERVICE Super 8 Std 8mm 10x200ft

Cine Projector Film To DIGITAL FILE TRANSFER SERVICE Super 8 Std 8mm 10x200ft
Cine Projector Film To DIGITAL FILE TRANSFER SERVICE Super 8 Std 8mm 10x200ft
Cine Projector Film To DIGITAL FILE TRANSFER SERVICE Super 8 Std 8mm 10x200ft
Cine Projector Film To DIGITAL FILE TRANSFER SERVICE Super 8 Std 8mm 10x200ft
Cine Projector Film To DIGITAL FILE TRANSFER SERVICE Super 8 Std 8mm 10x200ft

Cine Projector Film To DIGITAL FILE TRANSFER SERVICE Super 8 Std 8mm 10x200ft

We are here to answer them. We aim to turnaround orders within a couple of days. Obviously larger orders take that little bit longer, but we will be in communication with you every step of the way. New Products & Special Offers.

Cine Projector Film To DIGITAL FILE TRANSFER SERVICE Super 8 Std 8mm 10x200ft. The personal touch every step of the way, with frame by frame scanning. Using a projector and camcorder. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY YOUR PERSONAL HOME MOVIES (Cine films shot by yourself and with your own camera) CAN BE TRANSFERRED.

Now is the time to relive those old memories. You know what it is like when you get photographs out from a few years ago, everyone has changed. Just imagine seeing those old home movies again which could be up to 50 years old!!

To some, family home movie films are treasured more than anything else. How great would it be to watch, edit and share old pictures of your family and friends.

We have been transferring Super 8 and Standard 8 cine films (personal home movies of you and your family, shot with your own camera) to DVD and editable file, for about 15 years now and have vast experience enabling us to give you high quality results transferring your treasured 8mm Home Movie cine films to DVD or editable file. (Please see my other listing for SOUND cine films reels). Please note that there are NO EXTRA CHARGES. Please include a covering letter with your film, detailing the file type required.

We can also transfer your 8mm cine films in HD, if required. We also transfer 16mm silent and Optical sound, plus video cassettes too. Please do not assume that because of the cheap price, you are going to get a substandard product. Our service is second to none.

We have also transferred Cine Film for a major. Our feedback speaks for itself and we also have many testimonials upon request. Despite being told by our customers that we do not charge enough, we feel that this is a fair price.

In any event, we keep a copy of the captured files for a minimum of 4 weeks after returning your order. This is in case of loss in the post, so that if the worst happens, the images will be safe. Rest assured that your films will be taken extra special care of. Nobody knows how precious these films are, more than us.

Please be aware of companies offering this service use a camcorder and projector to capture your images. This is something you can do yourself at home and would get the same results. Ways you can spot this method of transfer are. Offering to let you have your transfer on a DV Tape. To get your transfer on a DV tape, they have to use a camcorder. Usually caught by plugging in a lead from the sound projector to a camcorder. End result in what appears to be slow motion. This is caused by them slowing down the projector to cut out the flicker from the shutter. Caused by the speed of the shutter and the capture speed of the camcorder. This is where the center of the image on the end result is brighter, but as it gets to the edges of the picture frame is gets darker.

This is simply caused by the lamp in the projector being brightest at the center. There is more on my frame by frame scanning method below. You normally only do this the one time, so don't short change yourself. If you wish to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about any part of the process, or anything at all, please call. If you would like to view samples of transferred film, please visit our youtube channel: CineFilm2DVD.

Please bear in mind that this sample is compressed and therefor quality is slightly less than the finished DVD would be. But is shows that there is no flicker etc and that you can great results so long as they are transferred properly. Please don't forget to include your name and address.

The 5 digit telephone number is correct and not an error. Do I get the original films back?

We cannot stress how important it is for you to hang onto your films, just in case. You never know, you may lose the DVD or it may get damaged.

Best thing to do with them to preserve them is to keep them in a cool dark place. Where possible, We do treat the films with a preserver/cleaner. This serves to lubricate the film and stop the process of brittleness. It also makes the film look new again. Simply dusting the film will not get rid of the years of accumulated dust and dirt.

There is a website called the8mmforum. You can view articles about the film preservers on there which are written by experts who know what they are talking about. How do you capture the image? We use frame by frame scanning which is by far the best way to capture the images from the film. This means they are flicker free and crystal clear and completely digital. Other company's use the useless method of an old projector with a camcorder at the side of it filming the projected image from the screen. Then there are others which use telecine machines from the 1980's which to be honest, is the same as the projector and camcorder method.

It is still a projector but has a small camera built in which films the image in the gate rather than from on the screen. The problem here is that the cameras are from the eighties and not as good quality as todays camcorders, so you could say that you may even get a better image with the camcorder and projector method if it were not for the flicker problem.

Do you use analogue capturing methods? As stated above, because we use frame by frame scanning, the whole process is digital every step of the way. The quality of the transfer will be exactly as the film is, with no deterioration.

Lots of other companies have "hidden costs" do you? There are no extra hidden costs at all. We do not charge extra for the Menu, Chapters (which have a moving thumbnail from the particular film reel) or the background music.

We do not charge extra if your films have been wound on the reel the wrong way or not rewound at all. We do not charge extra if we need to repair you film, for instance if a splice has come undone. Do you copy protect the completed DVD? No, unlike others we do not copy protect the finished DVD's, as we do not think this is a fair action. At the end of the day, this is your material.

Your DVD to do with as you wish. Copy it a hundred times without loss of quality. If you cannot copy yourself then we can do it for you. Is this a bit of a sideline for you to earn a little extra cash? This is what we do full time.

I got my very first cine camera at the age of 8 years. Cine has been my heart and sole since then.

When it comes to cine film I know whats what... And more importantly whats not!

There are companies that will try to blind you with all manner of information in the hope that you will trust that they know what they are talking about. Unfortunately, usually they have not got a clue. They will use the reasoning that you do not have a clue either and sadly, a lot of the time they get away with it. Cine film in essence is quite straight forward and simple.

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Cine Projector Film To DIGITAL FILE TRANSFER SERVICE Super 8 Std 8mm 10x200ft